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Quilted Autograph Quilt 

The one shown in the picture are shades of blue on a white background. Just let us know what color shades you would like us to make your quilt.

Approx 2 ft. x 3 ft.Size: Finished size is approx. 3ft x 2 ft. (somewhat larger) including the border. Made up of 48 blocks approx 3.5 each with a sawtooth border finished with cotton fabric backing. Quilting is stitched in the ditch on grid pattern.

Choose your shade package palet you would like shown is the Blue pack. Or we can use all one color with either white or cream background. We have made these from the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses or using school colors etc. We do take request. Finished with sleeve on back for easier hanging.

Blocks will be mixed color shades. Colors available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Blue, Green, Pink,  

Made of 100% Cotton. This quilt will come made just for that special person in your life and ready for signatures. Please use a permanent fabric pen for signatures (not included). Your guests can sign on the white part and makes a beautiful wall hanging and wonderful keepsake for years to come.  Capture a small part of your family's history today. Memorialize your well wishes by your guest.

We will Embroider the couples name and date directly on the quilt before it is assembled.

Just email us your color and your quilt keepsake will be made especially for you kstamiam@hotmail.com

Regular price is $400.00 for this hand pieced and specially selected quilt. 

Please give us a week.

Any question feel free to email us at kstamiam@hotmail.com

This quilt can also be personalized for a particular special event. Like a upcoming graduation! A perfect gift for that special teacher in your life everyone in the class can sign it. We made one for our disciple bible teacher as a cherished keepsake it was fun having everyone in the class sign it and put there favorite verse. This makes a wonderful keepsake for a family or class reunion. Great to have one for that special wedding or golden anniversary a farewell party for that special person leaving the company.

A wonderful keepsake for that special new Mommy! for that upcoming baby shower! The child's name birth and date in the middle can be added after the child is born. This quilt is also great for a fund raiser for your group. We have made these and sold signatures to raise money Boy Scouting and charity Events, Lots of possibilities. We will discount price for charity events. This will make a great Gift!